Dino Trails Video Series

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017

Brandy Yanchyk has filmed a series of compelling videos about the Dino Trails. Each video focuses on a combines beautiful cinematography with experts sharing their passion for dinosaurs.
In the first episode, you’ll meet the world-famous paleontologist Philip J. Currie. He shares that his passion for dinosaurs has been lifelong. He’s a curator, a teacher, and an excavator. Five percent of dinosaur fossils found worldwide come from Dinosaur Provincial Park, and Currie is thrilled to be able to help find the fossils there and guide future dinosaur experts in finding fossils at Dinosaur Provincial Park.

The second episode will take you to the Royal Tyrell Museum, where paleontologists combine traditional excavating practices with cutting-edge technology. You’ll also learn how the general public helps paleontologists at the Royal Tyrell Museum discover fossils and you’ll meet one of those dinosaur enthusiasts. The Royal Tyrell Museum specializes in Western Canadian dinosaurs. For forty years the people of Drumheller lobbied for a dinosaur museum.

The third installment introduces viewers to the fossil hunter who found Canada’s first discovered dinosaur egg nesting site which led to the creation of the Devil’s Coulee Dinosaur & Heritage Museum in Warner, Alberta. Ever since Wendy Sloboda found the nesting site, she has spent her life hunting for fossils. Her contributions have been so important that she’s even had a dinosaur named after her!

The fourth video will take you to the dinosaur discoveries in Northern Alberta. You’ll learn how fossils have been found as a direct result of industries like the coal industry, and you’ll also see an amazing bone bed.

The fifth episode will take you to northern British Columbia where dinosaur footprints were uncovered at the Six Peaks Dinosaur Track Site. New fossils continued to beĀ uncovered in Tumbler Ridge, which has helped give Tumbler Ridge a good reputation as paleontologists make plans for the future, seek funding, and aim for world-wide recognition.

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