First Dinosaur Skull to Be Discovered in British Columbia

Posted on: June 28th, 2017

A new fossil discovery in British Columbia gives serious credibility to the fossil-rich province. Since 2001, Tumbler Ridge has yielded hundreds of dinosaur teeth, bones and footprints. However, the absence of skull discoveries meant that paleontologists had to get information about the types, age, and geographic range of dinosaurs from fossils discovered in Alberta.

However, Vancouver Island resident Rick Lambert found a fossilized tyrannosaur skull in Northeastern B.C. near Tumbler Ridge earlier this month, which was the first dinosaur skull discovered in the province. Lambert is an amateur fossil hunter who has found hundreds of small fossils in the past. His experience as a chiropractor and background in geology likely contribute to his interest in fossils. Despite his experience, Lambert was surprised to find the fossil and was also surprised to learn that it was the first dinosaur skull found in B.C.

The fossil weighs 100 kilograms (including the rock), and consists of teeth and a bone from the upper jaw between the eye and nose of the dinosaur. This particular fossil is about 30 to 40 centimetres long and 25 centimetres high at the tallest point. However, the original skull was probably about a metre long, and the entire dinosaur was probably eight to 10 metres long with a hip height of more than two metres. The skull bone will help paleontologists determine what type of tyrannosaur the fossil is from.

Due to British Columbia’s rugged terrain of thick forests and rock, the chances of finding a fossil like this are extremely slim. Paleontologists are thrilled about the finding, and are planning to attempt to find additional bones from the skull.

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