Rare Dinosaur Prints Found at Tumbler Ridge

Posted on: February 6th, 2017

The Six Peaks dinosaur track site in British Columbia offers a wealth of clues about dinosaurs, including a functionally four-toed dinosaur. CBC News reports that this is the first time that paleontologists have uncovered a footprint from this particular dinosaur. This creature – which scientists speculate to belong to an early Cretaceous-era dinosaur – had tracks that were up to almost 55 cm in length. That suggests that the dinosaur could have been about as tall as a small Tyrannosaurus rex.

A number of other dinosaur tracks exist at the site, and scientists have plenty more to uncover. 700 square meters have been exposed, but the paleontologists’ goal is to excavate 3,500 square meters. Already, experts have found footprints from a small Ornithipod, a medium Ornithipod, and large Ornithipod. Scientists believe that this dinosaur often walked on its hind legs but sometimes walked on its hands and hind legs. Paleontologists have found three different foot print types from a dinosaur variety related to allasourus. Two trackways from a brontosaurus were also located at the Six Peaks dinosaur site.

This location, which is near the town of Hudson’s Hope, has a rich diversity of dinosaurs. Watch the video below to¬†view paleontologists at work and hear them explain about the discoveries they’ve found so far.

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