Remarkable Dinosaur Skeleton Almost Destroyed by Dynamite

Posted on: November 18th, 2016

BBC News reported on November 10 that a newly discovered species of dinosaurs was almost blown to oblivion. Construction workers in China were using dynamite to prepare for the site of a new high school when they found this unique species. Because of the construction, a few small parts of the dinosaur were blasted off, but the fossil is still relatively complete.

The dinosaur was apparently stuck in mud before it died, which resulted in the majority of the skeleton being preserved. The fossil is about the size of a sheep, and researchers believe it was an type of bird-like theropod dinosaurs with a beak.

The discovery was made in Jiangxi Province, Southern China and was published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports.

Screenshot of BBC News' video about the dinosaur fossil found in China.

Screenshot of BBC News’ video about the dinosaur fossil found in China.

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