World’s Biggest T. Rex Found in Canada

Posted on: March 25th, 2019

Canada is home to a thrilling dinosaur discovery that’s setting records. The skeleton is the remains of the world’s largest reported Tyrannosaurus rex. It’s also the biggest dinosaur skeleton that’s been found in Canada!

This dino weighed a whopping 19,400 pounds and was 42 feet long. The huge creature roamed Saskatchewan, and it has been given the affectionate nickname “Scotty.” The University of Alberta published a press release on March 22 announcing the exciting find, which was first discovered in 1991. The bones were encased in hard sandstone that too more than a decade to remove before scientists could begin studying Scotty.

“Scotty is the oldest T. rex known,” explained Scott Persons, lead author of the study and postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. “By which I mean, it would have had the most candles on its last birthday cake. You can get an idea of how old a dinosaur is by cutting into its bones and studying its growth patterns. Scotty is all old growth.”

Scientists estimate that Scotty was in its early 30s when it died. “By Tyrannosaurus standards, it had an unusually long life. And it was a violent one,” Persons said. “Riddled across the skeleton are pathologies–spots where scarred bone records large injuries.” Scotty evidently suffered broken ribs an infected jaw, and a possible bite from another T. rex on its tail. Despite the injuries, this dinosaur was a sturdy specimen. Scientists measured Scotty’s legs, hips, and shoulders, and found that Scotty was heftier than other T. rex specimens.

To see Scotty’s skeleton in person, visit the new Scotty exhibit at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in May 2019.

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